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Friday, January 16, 2009

Pilihan Yang Tepat - A Good Choice

It's amusing how people around the blogs can come out with all sort of ideas. This is only a crude photoshop alteration, but still hilarious enough to draw a laughter. Tomorrow is KT by-election.

For KT voters, remember to cast your ballot for PAS

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

When Civil Engineering is Deemed A Bad Choice

Okay. This is a really big civil engineering project. It is being financed by revenues from oil palm plantation and rubber factory. A fresh graduate from UTP is needed in this project. The package will be completed by a nominated subcontractor, Pembinaan AhPek Sdn Bhd. However, procurement method is quite straight forward. No Superitending Officer, Consultant Engineers and Quantity Surveyor will be involved. The nominated subcontractor will oversee the planning, design, construction, and commissioning in this mega-project.

Pembinaan AhPek will have to report directly to client regarding the progress of work at site. Due to the nature of the access road and aesthetics, no machineries will be used. Hitachi EX200 will not be able prove itself to be superior to Sumitomo 280 in this piece of land belonging to the client. Neither flat-top Linden Comansa tower crane nor "construction king" CASE will be deployed to site. P&H mobile crane is deemed useless here, while the gigantic, 150 tonne Bauer BG36 will not bore any piles to avoid pile group settlement. All construction materials would be handled by manpower instead of using Manitau.

Worst thing is that, not even one single Bangladeshi worker will be working under the hot burning sun.

Yes, I have to do the job.

Repairing the perimeter drain, approximately 300 m run around my house.

Holy cow~

Works on site has yet to start due to problems in procurement of OPC. In simple terms, I am yet to buy the pack of cement needed to repair the damaged drain. (Main reason : Lazy to start work)

This is the worst damage along the perimeter drain due to chemical attack from soaps and detergents.

I'm not so worried about loss of fines since this retaining wall on the LHS of my house is still sound and no cracks wider than 1mm observed along this 20 m wall.

Paa..I am demanding salary for this! This will be a lump sum package and I demand a LA for this. I want payment to be made progressively because I am still jobless by now. However, don't apply LAD on me due to late completion. I have concrete reason to apply for EOT, such as force majeure.

DLP will be 10 years and I can be mobilized in anytime to rectify the damages. And because this is a simple job, hopefully you don't demand for Master Program and Network Diagram from me. You can do PPR and Earn Value Analysis to measure and control my work. Plus, you won't need a sound method statement for this, because I am competent! Put your worries some where else.

Sigh, I am a proud site-man, but not this~ PETRONAS, hire me faster!!

"Infected" by HER

Life is totally upside down when you are single and jobless. I sleep at 6 in the morning after the rooster calls. Wake up at 10 AM to drive grandpa to Ipoh Specialist Hospital. Back just in time for lunch at 2 PM. A nap at 4PM will bring me towards the end of slumberland.

At 9, the most accurate biology clock in my body ticks. The stomach is crying for food.

Yesterday night was really weird. I've decided to eat "fried hor fun" at the very moment of waking up. Without a single word to my mom, I grabbed the keys and head towards the town.


I turned off the keys and took off my helmet. The next thing I saw are the green patches of turf beside the perimeter drain. Green stimulates. I start to think about fresh coconut.

Actually, there are plenty of them hanging in their bunches behind the house. But WTF, plucking fresh coconut at night! (Ironically, it's easier to satisfy my craving for fags)

At 10, this is my own dinner. Mom is not responsible for this. She is in her slumberland by 10. Hahaha!

RM 3.50 for the fried hor fun while the coconut is fresh from the farm. By the way, that hawker is kinda famous in Bidor. Situated at Bidor Bus Station. Have a try if you happen to pass by.

Just for LULZ

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Report to ESU KLCC

On what to bring to KLCC for reporting to ESU at Level 9. Among the items required are:
  • One (1) copy of passport sized photo
  • Two (2) copies of academic transcript
  • Final semester exam result slip
  • Two (2) copies of latest resume
  • Two (2) copies of certificates - certified true copy
  • Testimonial
  • Any other supporting documents.
I have noticed so many "versions" regarding the necessary items. Nevertheless, just bring all of them in your backpack, just in case.

Looks like everybody is putting KLCC photo into their blogs. I wish to jump into the bandwagon too. This photo is taken from Bukit Permai, Cheras @ Little Genting.


Our liver helps to digest food, store energy and remove poisons in our body. According to Medline Plus, hepatitis is the swelling of the liver that stops it from working well. It leads to scarring called cirrhosis, or to cancer.
Hepatitis are named according to the virus that cause it. Several types of viruses cause hepatitis. They are hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses that cause viral hepatitis. Approximately 100 Americans die from hepatitis A each year. (Hepatitis Foundation International)

Some quickfacts of Hepatitis A, B and C:
  • In 2005, there were estimated 42000 people got infected by Hepatitis A.
  • Hepatitis B virus is 100 times more infectious than HIV, the virus that cause AIDS.
  • Every year 5000 Americans die from cirrhosis and 1000 die from liver cancer due to HBV infections.
  • 80% of people affected by HCV can become chronically infected and risk serious long term clinical disease including cirrhosis and liver cancer.
  • Generally Hepatitis spread from person to person through situations such as consuming food contaminated with infected feces, close physical contact with carrier, having sex with an infected partner, MSM and eating raw or partially cooked shellfish contaminated with HAV.
I went for Hepatitis testing last month and the medical reports revealed that I have "no evidence of past contact with the Hepatitis A virus" which means I am not infected with Hepatitis A.

It also shows that "Indicative of lack of protective immunity except in patients who has previously shown seroconversion" which generally means I am not vaccinated against the virus.

Hepatitis B Surface antigen (HBsAg) and Hepatitis A antibody : anti HAV (IgG) are not being detected inside my body. I got an "egg" for Hepatitis B surface antibody (HBsAb) and it serves as an ultimatum, "YOU GO AND GET YOURSELF VACCINATED, ELSE YOU WILL BE INFECTED!"

I snapped my medical report from Gribbles Pathology as reference. I went for testing after knowing that one of my friend got infected from domestic sexual activities. He is known for not having hepatitis though he never went for vaccination. Discounting all other risk factors, he strongly suspect he got hepatitis from his partner, who has previously tested positive for HAV.

Go to the nearest clinic for consultation! Testing costs only RM30.00 - RM70.00 which is very affordable, considering that some cases of Hepatitis is incurable. For your rough budgeting, my vaccination plan consist of 3 jabs for HBV at RM40.00 per jab and 2 jabs for HAV at RM100.00 per jab in a period of 6 month.


I was updating to the latest version of Yahoo Messenger when I stumbled upon a prompt window to update to Adobe Flash Player 10. Another click on it bring me to Adobe homepage.

I was like, "wow" when the swf movie loads. This is the screenshot of the flash movie at their website. Code-named "Astro", it has many new expressive features and visual performance improvements compared to the previous version.

On my laptop running Vista Bussiness SP1, trouble it seems that the newly installed Yahoo Messenger did not detect Flash Player 10. Perhaps I need a restart before the new settings take effect.

A boring me looking at the indicator of Vaio Update 4. Internet speed has improved a little since the December last year. This time it's not one, but three broken cables nearby Alexandria. Hopefully, the authorities repair them fast enough.

I've just learned a new phrase from Puduraya last Saturday. 
"Bukit kasi Cina, tanjung kasi Keling, Melayu dapat ape? kampung je!"
As racist as it sounds, I find it funny because the Malay bus ticket tout is shouting his friend in a bus departing to Melaka. Google and you will find Bukit Cina, Tanjung Keling and Kampung Melayu in Melaka state.

edited : Adobe Flash Player 10 works just fine after restart.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


VOTE for PAS. Hudud is not an issue!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Malaysian of the Year

Looks like if RPK is being named as candidate in Kuala Terengganu by-election, Pakatan Rakyat will win by a bigger margin compared to DSAI, assuming that RPK is more popular than DSAI, based on this vote result!