Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Support of MB Nizar

Well, first thing first.

If you are Chinese, please don't name your kid Yit Foong. The name belongs to the number #1 wh*re in Perak. The "toh sui kah" (shame-bringer to family) name will "toh sui" your kid and you, too. She will surely be discriminated and even cursed to death. Shame to you again, nobody will sell veggies to you in the market. Grow them yourself at the backyard.

Let just be realistic here. No matter who is in power, who is the MB, we still need to work hard to earn a living. "While who's in power does not make much difference to our lives", decide by voting for CAT (Competency, Accountability, Transparency).

The rusty old weight scale is no longer balanced.

And our votes will propel MB Nizar into Parliament to fight for justice.

Friday, March 27, 2009

In Response to Earth Hour

In response to Earth Hour - Save water. Shower with your girlfriend.

Hijau by Zainal Abidin. I recall this song when LiteFM broadcasted "What a Wonderful World" a few nights ago.

Hoorray PETRONAS for switching off!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Okay. What Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce Knowles have got in common?

All of them was banned from performing in Malaysia (At least, initially).

Yes, Avril was allowed proceed with her concert days before Merdeka.

And Pussycat Dolls' escaped when their promoter, Absolute Entertainment paid a RM10 000 "indecency fine". Know what Absolute Entertainment did to deserve this fine? For allowing the female US act to perform "sexually suggestive" routines which amount to "gross indecency". Hahaha these chicks are simply too hot for the Malaysians!

And then, Linkin Park were banned from wearing shorts during their 2003 concert in Malaysia.

Mariah Carey was being asked to comply with "dress regulations".

So, Gwen Stefani revealed only next to no skin during her tour to Malaysia.

But Beyonce is way smarter. She dumps her debut concert in Malaysia, so to avoid being entangled in the mess.

Picture credit : KLue

And the recent one, after their tremendous show at KL Sunburst, the group members of NERD were detained and their passports held. However, Malaysian authorities denied this. Fortunately, after some negotiations they are released because their promoters claim responsibility.

I wonder, who's next?


p/s : Sooner, when AirAsia tickets is cheap enough (READ : cheaper than cheap) and the flights are frequent, let's just fly to Singapore to watch any concerts, rather than requesting any promoters to organize any in Malaysia.

pp/s : Malaysia, Truly Stone Age

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Searching for A Small Bra

A very flat-chested woman finally decided she needed a bra and set out to the mall in search of one in her size. She entered an upscale department store and approached the saleslady in lingerie, "Do you have a size 28AAAA bra?"

The clerk haughtily replied in the negative, so she left the store and proceeded to another department store where she is rebuffed in much the same manner. After a third try at another department store in the mall, she had become disgusted. Leaving the mall, she drove to K-Mart.

Marching up to the sales clerk, she unbuttoned and threw open her blouse, yelling, "Do you have anything for this?"

The lady looked closely at her and replied, "Have you tried Clearasil?

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Hey asshole! Look at this photo. I say look at this photo! You bastard, son of a bitch. And you fucking whore!

It's your baby!! It's your baby, for the love of God..You can put your baby at any mosques, temples or churches. There are plenty of them around..

He said he loves you, and you said you love him..Any you two animals can't even love the fruit of your love?

Both of you, your daddy and mommy must be of the same species as you. You have no place, even in hell. And both of you, can't possibly be worth a shit.

Ptuihhh! Low level organism..Even pigs love their offsprings!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yusseri Yusoff - Some notes for SPM school leavers

Every writer in The Other Malaysia has their own distinct style of writing. Yusseri Yusoff is as sarcastic as Dr Farish, and his writings has always amused me.

"Yusseri Yusoff can't decide between writing words or code but he has a penchant for the obvious in Malaysia. He runs an MSC company apart from two websites, the humourous and the serious "

Some notes for SPM school leavers.

MARCH 12 - So, boys and girls, your SPM results are coming out today. Very good, very good.

You know, it wasn't that long ago that I took my SPM. Almost 20 years ago, actually. Anyway, back in my day, we had to walk 20 miles to school while carrying 30 books just to do nine subjects.

Then, TV only had RTM1, RTM2 and TV3. The boys dreamt of Wan Zaleha and the girls dreamt of McGuyver and both of them had the same hairstyle.

These days, you don't have to walk so far. You probably don't have to carry as many books either.

Because the schools are "smarter" now, eh?

You have computers, multimedia projectors, tablets, notebooks, laptops, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Internet, phone camera porn. Most schools have these things, we hear.

Even those that don't have electricity or running water. It must be fun. You also get to do more than nine subjects. Up to 20 even. That's a lot of learning.

Actually, maybe you do carry more books these days. That's probably why school bags have wheels on them now.

Anyway, the day has come for you to get your results. For the vast majority of you, this would be the bookend of your school days.

You'll never have to wear that uniform again. For a small number of you, you might get another two years of uniform-wearing. Either way, things will never be the same again.

For the next five years or so, you'll be hearing people tell you that you are the "Future Leaders Of The Nation" much more than when you were in school. It's banal and condescending, especially if it comes from politicians.

They don't want you to lead, they want you to follow. Politicians are liars. Well, most of them are anyway. At least 73.46 per cent of them, at the last count.

Some of you will be celebrating your results, especially those who targeted 27 As and got most, if not all, of them. That's great! Your tuition teachers must be delighted. Now, let's hope you get a chance to actually start learning.

Some of you will be disappointed because you didn't get what you (or what your parents or tuition teachers) aimed for. That's okay. No, really. In about 10 years' time, no one will care. Especially not you.

Hopefully, most of you will get to enter university. It's a very exciting time. You may think that nothing could top your school days, but take it from someone who stayed in university for nearly a decade, university days are the best days!

For one thing, people like to pretend that you're grown up (since you would someday be "Future Leaders Of The Nation") and occasionally even allow you to behave like grown-ups. For another, you get to party like there's no tomorrow because while you may be "grown up", you still don't have to earn a living.

Some of you might get into "campus politics". If you're in a local university, this is more akin to being in a social club than any kind of Future Leader training. Also, a small number of you involved in campus politics will actually acquire Socialist leanings.

This is normal because there will always be "politically aware" university students who are idealistic, tree-hugging, whale-mooching, commie wingnuts. You'll grow out of it eventually, though hopefully some of you will remain that way. The nation needs more nutjobs like you. It'll be better than the bunch of lying, self-serving gormless lot that we've got today.

Not all of them are lying, self-serving gormless reprobates, obviously. Some of them are much worse, though there are some good ones, too. About 6.49 per cent of them, last we checked.

However, in local campus politics, the majority of you will align yourselves with either a "pro-government" or a "pro-opposition" group.

I've no idea what those are, in all honesty, and most probably, neither will you. But you'll get to learn how to do "protests" and "demos", which are such important skills for local politics today.

You can, for example, protest against having mixed-race boarding; or against having any other race in your university, even.

You can also be part of a moral police, guarding the purity and sanctity of your campus by vigilantly watching out for couples making out behind shrubs, catching them after you've seen the "money shot", obviously.

If you're amongst the fortunate ones who get to go to a foreign university, good for you.

There'll be many clubs you can join, like Kelab Umno, Kelab Pas, Kelab MCA, Kelab MIC, Kelab DAP, and so on. In my humble opinion, though, avoid those clubs.

They're usually lousy with self-serving, gormless students who think that they're the Future Leaders Of The Nation. Join the gang that always goes to the night clubs and pubs, instead. They're much more fun.

But anyway, for most of you, university would be where you study to get a degree that would, to a certain extent, decide for you what you would be doing for the rest of your working life.

If somewhere in the middle of your university course, you think that what you're doing may not be right for you, have the courage to switch to something else, even if it means you lose a few years. It's not a big deal, and better to lose some years than to regret not doing something for the rest of your life.

If you can, get to see the world a bit. Travel to other countries, and not just to their beach resorts. Go to former war zones. No, not Afghanistan or Gaza or Iraq.

There are much nearer places like Cambodia and Vietnam. Ambon and Mindanao, even. Check India out, maybe. Go to Europe, Africa, the Americas too. In fact, just travel as much as you can. It often helps bring perspective. If you can't, it's not a big deal. You might still get to do it when you're much older.

Speaking of being older, I'm sure you're often told that wisdom accrues with age, and that you lack experience because you're still young.

Well, experience is mainly recognising your mistakes when you make them again. And looking at our Current Leaders Of The Nation, I'm not so sure about the wisdom bit either.

Finally, note that most advice given to you will be useless. They're usually given by most people who wished they'd listened to the very advice they're dishing out. Use what you can, ignore the rest. Some mistakes in life you just need to make yourselves.

How do I know these things? Well, I'm older than you. Just keep breathing, and you might get here some day too. So, all the best, ladies and gentleman, Future Leaders Of The Nation. May you make it a better place, for all our sakes.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tagged by - Ropi

Ropi tagged me once upon a time ago, and that only today I recalled it. So, here it goes.

#1 Describe 10 things about the person who tagged you

The tagger : Ropi

Ropi having the time of his life in the lecture.
  1. He sleeps in most of the lectures.
  2. He sleeps without any "pose". He just lay his head on the table and sleeps. Yes, while the lecturer delivers his lecture.
  3. He eats a lot!
  4. He is quiet, and make noises only when certain people is around.
  5. He is a gadget-man.
  6. I personally think that he is a practical and no-fuss guy.
  7. He doesn't look like people from elite high school.
  8. Straight-forward and honest (no bullshits)
  9. Can I call him paedo for his interest in Morning Musume?
  10. Tokan besar in Cengal Condominium.

So, for next, should I describe myself?

#2 Describe 10 things about you

  1. Can be too tense that I throw tantrum sometimes.
  2. I want things to be done swiftly regardless if I do it myself or I have people doing it for me.
  3. Sleeps a lot.
  4. Confident and sometimes kinda cocky.
  5. Workaholic. (but not academically)
  6. Reliable and can be trusted.
  7. Curious almost about everything.
  8. I accept criticism openly without any hard feelings.
  9. Sweet-talker.
  10. Joker. (And I accept personal jokes quite well too. Kinda immuned already.)

#3 At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

  1. Tan Shern Shiou
  2. Tan Wei Zhu
  3. Edwin Si
  4. Ong Wei Shen aka Taiko Muar
  5. Natasya Ng
  6. Durrus
  7. Nadia Amena
  8. Fareez
  9. Farhan Iqbal
  10. Thaqif

Monday, March 9, 2009

Malaysia Is Looking at The Wrong Barometer of Economy

With the prospect of recession looming in Malaysia, I share what I have got from Internet regarding Econ 101. This might help you understand what is sub-prime mortgage.

Do you notice the phrase "market/stock rally", "...bullish", "stocks closing lower due to heavy selling", "bull market" or "bear market" on StarBiz everyday? Here you go. Read this.

In which this term can be seen on major business headlines everyday,

However, I am too naive thus I don't how how Malaysian Bar can be related to economy at large. But this is interesting. Recession can be divided into technical recession and real recession.

While powerhouse like Singapore is admitting that it is falling into technical recession, Malaysian government is still too stubborn (Yes, I am using this crude term) and constantly in denial. One doesn't need a Bachelor's degree in Macro or Microeconomics to understand the current health of Malaysia's autopilot economy. The economy timetable is severely crashing with political timetable of UMNO's warlords.

And again while powerhouse like Singapore is implementing SD 13.6b or MYR 30b stimulus plan for its ailing economy, our country is boasting on its tiny MYR 10b stimulus package, which is yet to reach the citizen's pocket. The red tape is to blame for this.

To rub salt into the wound, according to MIER's Prof Dr Mohamed Ariff Abdul Kareem, there is 50% chances of Malaysian falling into a "full-blown recession" this year.

2009 is the year of Ox. 2010 will be the year of Tiger. What's in the store for the market in the year of Ox? Read this article through for better understanding on the pattern of ups and downs of Bursa Malaysia.

When will current recession bottoming out? Is this the point of inflection? Thomas Fried has got some interesting points. According to Dr Lin's assesment after considering IMF study on recession for the past 3 decades, recession tends to be worse if the crisis is in banking.

We badly need a hero!

Hey, will Ted Truman gets the US out of the current major crisis? Or after reading Paul Krugman's lecture slide, maybe you will think inflation is not totally a bad thing after all.

I've read some mixed reviews from O&G sector since the fair price of crude oil is around USD 60 - USD 80. Under the umbrella of Petronas, many services and fabricators in Malaysia will be able to survive beyond 2010, but with unhealthy orderbooks.

But nothing is certain in today's uncertain economy climate.

Ohh this is so scary~

Finally, that piece of Pangkor trash is god damn annoying..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Dear Datuk Seri,

I am going to make this short and sweet. No more cheong hei (nagging) article from me. 

They can lock the Perak State Assembly building if they want. The building is not important. If the building is inaccessible -- say like there is a flood or an earthquake brings it down -- does this mean the State Assembly can’t meet?

Of course it can. It can meet anywhere, not necessarily in that particular meeting.

Go find another meeting place, tonight, now itself, and hold the meeting there tomorrow. Pass a vote of confidence to support you as the Menteri Besar. Then pass all the other motions, including the motion to dissolve the Perak State Assembly. Then drive up to Bukit Chandan as soon as possible and inform Tuanku of the State Assembly’s decision.

If Tuanku refuses to comply with what is clearly lawful, then challenge him and, if necessary, trigger a Constitutional Crisis like never before seen in the 52-year history of this nation.

The people are ready. The next ‘revolution’ is not going to be a race riot a la May 13. It is going to be a class struggle. And I am with the Rakyat on this, never mind my so-called Royal background.

I speak as a Royal but speak for the Rakyat. And rest assured there are many other Royals who share my view. Don’t allow a handful of those who sit on the throne intimidate you into thinking that you are alone, representing the Rakyat, against the Monarchy. No, we are with you, as are many other Royals.

Grab the bull by the horns and bring it to its knees. And if this bull wears a crown so be it. The Rakyat have spoken. Don’t back down now. Go all the way or forever lose that advantage. And if you fail to go all the way, the Rakyat will never forgive you and you will lose our support till the end of time.

Daulat Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku. 

Patek yang hina sembah Tuanku dan memohon perkenan agar Tuanku jangan kecewakan Rakyat. Hasrat Rakyat ialah untuk mencari kebenaran dan keadilan. Biarlah ini juga menjadi hasrat Tuanku.

Daulat Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku. Daulat Tuanku.

Monday, March 2, 2009

LEE WOH 1928-2009

Ah kong, be careful. Grandson can't take care of you anymore..

1928 - 2009

Deeply missed and remembered by:


  1. Lee Kee Wei (Final Year IMU, MBBS)
  2. Lee Kee Foo (Graduate UTP, BEng Civil)
  3. Lee Kee Choon (Second Year UKM, MD)
  4. Lee Kee Tat (First Year UKM, MD)
  5. Lee Kee Hon (Form 5 SMJK Choong Hua)