Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh my elder brother is engaged with his long-time partner on 18th Feb 2010!

I need to look for one as soon as possible!

I am an engineer,  a workaholic, a smoker, drink occasionally, not a playboy but people call me sweet-talker. Looking for a fair, petite girl from Chinese educated background.



Monday, February 1, 2010

Mt Kinabalu

Carried 12-14 kg of load on my back, taking 12 hours to reach Gunting Lagadan and severe altitude sickness to endure along 8.5 km route to the peak.

I made it to the top.

I had 7 tablets of Actifast while ascending, and 2 before descending.

It's 7.4 degrees Celcius on the peak at 0830 hrs. It could be 4 if not because of the sun. A skinny Caucasian took off his shirt and said "Ohh, it's warm!"

My heart screamed, "You bloody motherf*cker.."

Slapped the green board to mark my reach at 4095.2 m. And yeah, 8 is now my magic number again.