Monday, November 30, 2009

Forgetting The World

Forget about stressful job, forget about the long flying hours, forget about dangers of night-drive without proper rest beforehand.

And we zoomed up to Genting Highlands from Bidor, minutes before half-past eleven. Thick fog and we barely see the signboards leading to the parking. But my initial step into First World Plaza invoke a lot of memories.

Who cares if we collectively lost RM3000? (BTW I lost RM200 only) We laughed our way into the casino, and we laughed our way out.

We left at around 6.00 AM. Had an hour nap at Batang Kali Shell station and a good breakfast at Sungkai. Combo with 2 hours of laughter again during breakfast.

The moments shared are priceless, as if we have forgotten the world this morning.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ranau Roadtrip

When the stresses at work push me to limit, this is what I do..

#1 : Trying to jump off the cliff overlooking Mt Kinabalu

#2 : Attempting 10m freeboard at Kundasang War Memorial

#3 : Tried looking for toilet in vain, but I am finally relieved.

#4 : Harrassing the green kelah at Luanti

#5 : Calculate how long it takes those guys to run to the peak of Mt Kinabalu

#6 : Attempting to repair PL118 at Poring hotsprings

# Finally, washing away the recent bad elements surrounding me into the pool! "choy, choy!"

MEnd pulled out at last. Seems like Poring is proven a good place to wash away bad elements!

p/s : This is post #5 to bait you all to come over to Sabah.