Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Me and a few of my classmates have this penchant of taking photos of sleepyheads in the class. I myself may be one of the victims, because lectures got a lil bit boring sometimes.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Welcome to Perak Darul Katak Melompat

Please REMEMBER THESE 4 KATAKs during your visit!

From top : Mr postman, retired soldier, auntie clerk (do not click!) and mr-don't-know-what



Whooaa! Well, this is kinda excessive.. 38KKK Sheyla Hershey

Bet her baby will not be hungry~ (Quote : Fareez, 2008)

Ya ya, by the way, anybody know the auntie's daughter? Well, I am single!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lese Majeste ?

Suing the Ruler in court?

"DAP chairperson Karpal Singh has informed Sultan Azlan Shah and the new Perak government that he would take legal action against the two parties if they proceed with the swearing-in of the new BN team at 3.30pm today."

(Source : Rahmah Ghazali, for

Malaysians will see more drama unfold tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leaping Frogs

There are plenty of frogs in Perak. They are jumping here and there. especially the four red and blue frogs. Darwin's Theory of Evolution can now be proved wrong because frogs have become as cunning as fox.

Never mind. Now I hate frogs. I'll visit Chinese restaurant more often to eat them so frogs wouldn't overpopulate the state.

Hopefully, there will be no green frogs.

Hohoho the legs are yummy!

Monday, February 2, 2009


My close encounter with this snake gave me the scare of my life. God damned it! It appeared inches away from my leg while I was squatting on the compound to wash my car. I hit its head with a stick and made sure it has already RIP before snapping it.

Anyone know what type of snake is this?

It may still be a baby snake, but who knows the venom is capable enough to kill!

Based on the anatomy, I think this type of snake is poisonous.

Bad news is, Cobras coexist with human dwelling areas, even in modern Kuala Lumpur metropolis.

Click here for more information on snake bite.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

In Support of Local Indie Jazz

If I have one word to describe this song, I would say "heart-felt".

Estrella - Stay

Estrella was formed in 2006, comprising of Liyana (vocals & guitar), Jeff (drums), Ariff (bass) and Izzad (guitars).

Wey, Liyana is cute!

Niu Year

As I am typing this post, the title reminded me of Beh (Niu^Kiu). It has been a 3 long months since I heard of his news.

Overall, this new year had been quite lean, compared to the previous year. However, still happening though many of my friends are on tight schedule. Most of them went off on Day 3 of CNY to return to office.

Countdown to CNY

20/1 - Went to KL on a night bus
21/1 - Report to ESU KLCC. Return to P.Ramlee Mall parking to realize that I got a punctured tyre. It was a nightmare! Savior of the day : Beulah!
22/1 - Bus tickets to Northern region sold out. Damn it! Same situation at Intercity KL Sentral.
23/1 - Drove home with elder and younger brother.
24/1 - Went to Segari to pick up Chin Li from NS camp! Yeayy finally I am in one of the NS camps~
25/1 - No booze with friends after reunion dinner. Had enough of red wine at home... Best part is gambling! (Btw, why must we gamble during CNY?)


Day 1 - Gambling again
Day 2 - Gambling again + some home visits
Day 3 - Gambling again + some home visits
Day 4 - Ceased gambling. (Lost too much $$)
Day 5 - TARC students return to school. Friends from public university returning to campus for mid-term test.
Day 6 - Rotting at home.

We have a yearly "tradition" of taking "family picture" at Thim's place.

Grabbed this photo from Karen's site. Oh the good ol' days~