Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tagged by Edwin

Okay. This fatty Edwin tagged me few weeks back and only now that I could spare some time to publish this post.

7 Weird Things About Myself

  1. When I was still a kid, I love my toys. Yes I love them. I share them with my brothers, but all of them end up broken into pieces, scattered everywhere. I just love to disassemble them into individual components and assemble them again, intending to see them working as they were before. But frankly, all my missions as a kid failed, miserably. I still love to disassemble and reassemble now. (Recent example : Speed Laser Meter.)
  2. Mom said chickens won't lay eggs if I chase them. Yes, I chased them all around the house compound to test the hypotheses. (My first encounter with the word "hypotheses" was during Standard 5 Science class) But we never ran out of eggs in the kitchen.
  3. Dad said there is an alligator inhabiting the lake behind my house. And the alligator came to the lake once upon a time ago when Bidor was flooded. The alligator lost its home and migrated to the pond behind my house. And now, I still do believe an alligator exists in the pond. In fact, I hope that I could see it with my own eyes, one day.
  4. Grandpa said there were family of tigers in our family plantation. Whenever I step into the plantation, I will take extra precaution. There was once I wrongly taken the roaring sound of old motorbike engine as tiger roaring. I ran off to the jeep!
  5. I love English songs, dated back to half a century ago. While people is listening to the new hits from Hitz.FM and Fly.FM, I was listening to Ray Peterson and Nat King Cole. Relatively, I think I am weird.
  6. I love girls that are hard-to-handle. It's exciting to handle them well!
  7. The people that I initially hate became my best friends in the end. I think it's weird.

7 Weird Thing About Edwin

  1. I wonder what he ate in this 5 years in UTP, that he could gain weight so fast to become a fatty.
  2. I wonder what he did in this 5 years in UTP, that he could maintain his fair complexion.
  3. I wonder why his first relationship in UTP lasted for only 2 weeks.
  4. I wonder why he like James Bond paraphernalia from Shell gas station so much. He collected all five.
  5. I wonder why he will only be active in mIRC, whenever I am around.
  6. I wonder why he loves teasing me with my old relationship.
  7. I wonder why he is so "sam pat", sometimes.
Tag you lar..


Lalaclubian will remember Kumar, the waiter at our local mamak Restaurant Ameeth at Tronoh. He is currently working in Salim Curry House at my hometown, Bidor. He went back to India for a long holiday and got married to a girl there.

His wife has just delivered their first baby 1 month ago. Unfortunately, his baby who is a boy is having some problems with his spine. I couldn't communicate well with him due to the language barrier, but one thing I am very sure. He loves his baby boy very much.

One customer placed an order for nasi goreng Pataya and a few Maggi goreng, so he gotta get back to work. The conversation stopped short of me giving him some words of support.

Hey I love baby too~

Okay. All of a sudden, I don't feel like writing anymore.

Shall stop here.


p/s : Baby is a gift from God. It is never an accident.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

UTP 2004 - 2008

The fact that invigilators for my last final examination are strict doesn't stop me from rejoicing when the clock ticks to 12.00 sharp!

I'm officially a graduate, unemployed and a liability to society. I don't pay any tax, yet I am entitled for subsidized healthcare at any government hospitals and petrol at our nearest ESSO or Shell.

Five long years here really opened up my perspective towards life. I found many friends here, but unfortunately they are all my juniors. I have also found out that there are generally two types of people here; one type is being "people that worth a mere 20 cents" and another type is "true friend".

Whatever it is, I still consider myself lucky enough to have this bunch of "sub-contractor, consultants and general workers" friends.

Good luck to all in your future undertakings. We'll see each other again in construction!