Thursday, March 10, 2011

Laut, laut & Laut

From Samarang to Sumandak to LGAST to KK to Preston to KK to ERB West to Kinarut to KK to KL. (to KK tomorrow)


I'm tired.

In preparation to sleep on deck

Is this photo intended?

Reaching location. Home for the night

FESI group photo (Hmm I'm in full PPE!)

Bravo! I worked on this revisit for exactly 1 year

I want to go back KK! I swim!!!


Landing stage

Helper at KINDP-A

Back here again after 1 year

So, what's your plan tonight? Meet you at bridge EWG-A to EWP-A?

Pretty girl far away?

Look at our bored face. P68 took 2.5 hrs to get back to complex

La la la la skipping~

Look at our friend's horny face~