Sunday, April 11, 2010

WAJA power window

Damage done by a Malaysia car to a Malaysian citizen, RM 276.


I never knew Waja's power window can be so fragile. I never knew the window pane lifting frame is made of plastic.

It's not that "waja" after all.

Malaysia Boleh!

Oopps that's dangling!

Dangling; up close

2 out of 8 people required in this "mega-project". 1 do-er, 1 helper, while 6 trainees observing.

The final blow : 1 unit of centre locking cable and 1 unit of door lock cable costing RM38 each.

Overall damage in detail :

  1. Power window frame - RM170
  2. Service of power window switch - RM30
  3. Centre locking cable - RM38
  4. Door lock cable - RM38
Total Damage - RM276

p/s : I can get quality spare parts from Semenanjung, half the price offered in Kota Kinabalu. Import/export firm. Anyone cool with it?


kerbaurider said...

Sapa suroh bli yg lama ... bli la waja baru, new power window. Tarak this problem, or if it fails you still have warranty. No ned to complen2 harga sana mahal.

KEEFOO LEE said...

no money buy new one la. rm65k celah mana mau cari.

after pasang steel frame will last forever la

kerbaurider said...

Mana bole itu mcm, kerje pet dpt free petrol, 2 tahun bonus, free mangkuk astro and etc..

Mana bole itu mcm, keje pet mane bole bwak kete local, apetah lagi 2nd hand. Tsk tsk tsk ... Ape lagi .. mesti kluar civic, go go go.

Hahahahahah ;D

Wei Shen said...

wahahahha babih wz yur comment hahahhaha mcm sial

Abdul Rahman said...


steel one only cost you RM130 for front and RM150 for rear. Exclude installation, but since you can change it yourself it will cut the cost of installation commonly take by workshop for RM30-40 each door.